Hello everyone and welcome to my website. Hope you enjoy having a look around at some of the arty stuff I can do. I can be contacted via the Contacts page. I’d love to hear from you. Here’s one of my recent works.

31/7/2020 – Well a week has passed already since I started creating my website. Within that week I have been working part time and secured myself some wall/gallery space at a local Business here in Christchurch, New Zealand. It has been all go! I hope to share a wee video of this new venture with you here very soon. It is up on my Facebook and Instagram already. – Look after yourselves and Visit again very soon 🙂

8/9/2020 – Time has gone fast. I am back at my paid job and been flat out and have so much other stuff going on so I’ve been slightly neglecting my creative time. I have a few more projects on the go and today am starting a new job back in general dentistry ( I was surgical nursing for over a year). I’m not sure how this will go.. I am working 4 days a week with one day off and weekends to do what I need to and try get in Arty time. It is hard. But end goal of building our own home and having something in the future to really call our own is soo close! It has been 14 years in the making and now finally coming true. I hope it doesn’t take as long to become Full time in my art practice and follow that to it’s full potential. It is frustrating. and at times feels like I have lack of support to achieve it. In meanwhile I have dug out some more images to post up.

A cheeky photo of Me in my surgical scrubs and nicely hand made Unicorn Surgical cap…

12/10/2020 – Wow almost a month since my last posting. That went really quickly. Working heaps and trying to make the time to play and keep updating social media is challenging. I am working away on few things. Both are of flying objects… now there’s a little riddle for you to figure out. What could that possibly mean?

Darfield Artweek in on This week. I have two works on display/sale there and hopefully they find themselves a new home.

I Also have One Painting in the Ashburton Art show which opens this week.

14/11/2020 – almost a month since my last post.

No sales for me from Darfield art week. It was mostly abstract that won the awards. For second year in row..

Ahsburton show also closed yesterday afternoon. No sales there either. one of the ladies helping liked the work but not enough to convince her to buy.

Blacksmiths Shop is located in Burkes Pass. It has a lot of little knick knack thing inside it. excellent for still life subjects. the sign on the door Beware of occupant” is what caught my attention and I just wanted to paint it. kinda fits with my sense of humour too.

I have been busy working away on a few things. one is very large. it consists of 7 Hexagon shaped canvases. Its quite the challenge to do! Had hoped to have it completed before moving house. I’ve been delaying packing but now its time to get on with it. two weeks till the big move date. Maybe aim before xmas …

28/12/2020 – Wow time has gotten away on me again. Moving house was stressful! I’m sure I have a few more grey hairs and aged a lot within those few weeks.. Landscaping is the next task at hand. My daughter and her digger skills ( along with another of my friends help) has done the dig out of the builders dirt. now to replace it with topsoil and do whatever else that needs to be done.

I donated a few of my artworks to a local Young farmers club to help them with fundraising for their group. (Something I wish I had gotten involved with in my younger youth years). The auctions went very well which I’m pleased about. some of my artworks now proudly on walls not taking space (and collecting dust) in wood robe. LOL…

Christmas was a quite day at home. didn’t celebrate it at all… I did however get some studio art time in and pulled out my OIL paints to have a dabble with

The large Hexagon shaped artwork is still a work in progress! the owner is in no hurry for it and It is proving to be quite the challenge.


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